TAG  Allpro Side Room
TAG  Allpro Side Room
TAG  Allpro Side Room
TAG  Allpro Side Room
TAG  Allpro Side Room
TAG  Allpro Side Room
TAG  Allpro Side Room
TAG  Allpro Side Room
TAG  Allpro Side Room
TAG  Allpro Side Room

TAG Allpro Side Room

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  Enlarge your camping area with this amazing side tent which attaches to your TAG Camper. Invite special guests to your campsite and experience an evening of mosquito-free friendship!  There is a  zip open screened window on each side to create ventilation and a nice airflow through your tent. These tents are an incredible addition to the T@G camper for numerous purposes. It can serve as a comfortable private changing room where you can stand up, an extra bedroom, or a lounge area to sit in and relax. You can zip off the side wall and have a deluxe canopy. Or use it for your furry friend's very own room.  Quality all the way!   Notice.... a custom fitted floor comes included in your purchase! All windows have full screen and draw strings that pull up the shades from the inside. Zip open windows that roll up to let the fresh air in. 

Use it as a canopy if no tent is needed. Quick zip in side panel changes the beautiful awning into a tent in minutes. 

Made locally right here in Ohio.

100% Waterproof.

Depth: approx. 6 feet wide x 9 feet or basically the length of your trailer.

Super strong 1 in. aluminum frame with easy assembly.

Weight:  approx 35 lbs 

Includes: Storm straps

There is a high quality durable custom fit waterproof floor included to lay on top of the side flaps to ensure mosquito tight, and no water seeping in. 


    We are currently manufacturing these as the orders come in. Due to a high volume of orders and the virus we are shipping orders out 2 to 3 weeks after receiving them. Thank You


                            T@G SIDE TENT ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS

  1. Apply the strip of Velcro on the top of your trailer starting directly above the hatch door.          Be sure to keep the other piece of Velcro because you will want to apply this to the piece on your trailer when traveling.
  2. Take the fender/skirt piece with a green strap going through it, and fit it over the fender. Reach in behind the fender under the trailer right behind the wheel and snap the green strap together above the axle. Fit the skirt piece around or behind your step.
  1. Now lay the main tent roof out right beside the trailer.
  1. By perfectly matching your Velcro on the tent to the Velcro on the trailer - start at the back and attach it to each other. The reinforced black piece of webbing should now be at the very bottom edge of the trailer at the rear corner.
  1. Now slide the D-ring on your skirt through the slot in the tent and snap it to the snap on the tent.
  2. Next go to the front of the trailer and slide the strap from the skirt through the slot in the tent and into the rachet and tighten it snug. Your tent is now firmly attached to your trailer!
  1. Take out the pre-bent aluminum poles and assemble the front perimeter pole. Red is the front side of the trailer and blue is the back. By matching the colors assemble this perimeter pole. Now zip it into the zippered pouches along the front of the tent. You have an adjustable feature on either side to help you get the perfect heights for where you are setting up.
  2. Now take the telescopic horizontal poles and pop them onto the perimeter pole and push it against the Velcro flap at the back by the trailer. Put as much pressure on here as you comfortably can to help your awning tighten up nice. The right and left horizontal poles you should position at an angle to encourage water to run off nicer.
  3. Stake down along the front and back side to create a nice tight look. The bungees attached to your tent should be high enough off the ground to pull snug when stakes are stuck into the ground. However if the terrain is not even then you may need to twist them a few times to create a tighter look.
  4. If you want a private room you can zip in the front panel at any time. It works best to loosen the horizontal pressure while zipping in the front panel. Now you can also stake along the front for best performance.
  5. Lay in the floor on top of the excess materiel to make a nice finished look as you walk into your private room.

    Sit inside your new tent and relax. Enjoy the privacy and additional luxury!

All Pro Adventures provides a warranty on this item as specified below.

  • 3 Year Warranty on tearing or fading of fabric
  • 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects

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