AllPro Adventures Blogging Introduction

  To all our camping enthusiast friends. Thank You for being part of our teardrop camping family. It is my passion to create meaningful relationships as we serve people with items that enhance their camping experience.


  This is the very first blog for our site that I hope to turn into an engaging page of ideas. My goal is to create a place where I can post ideas and tips on how to install our products as well as future products that are in the state of being designed. And also items we hope to design and offer in the future. Such as a beautiful side tent for the T@G series, that I will talk about in one of the blogs in the near future.  

    I also hope to occasionally post about extra unique camping spots in places that people may not often find or interesting things to do in certain areas. So if you are following this blog and you have experienced places that were secluded and offered a peaceful and quiet atmosphere please let me know, or maybe you have established a relationship with the owners and would like to bless them by spreading the word about this camping site. 


   Please feel free to submit photos with the name and info to and I will research and feature them on a certain blog post.

   So for today WELCOME to the AllPro Adventures blog posts! I don't know for sure where this will go but I do appreciate all of your feedback that you have provided to our company during the last few years. While we pursue our vision of providing products that are locally made so we can offer the quality and customer service you deserve, you remain a vital part of us. Thank You to all of you who have submitted reviews on our site. We look forward to continue serving you.  Elton


  • Timothy K and Beth Logan

    Sounds like a good idea. I would like to see hints and tips on using my T@B 320 CS-S. I am very pleased with it thus far (about three months). Suggestions for keeping objects from moving so much during towing, efficiently packing cabinets and shelves, etc.

  • Kathy Price-Robinson

    Hi Elton:

    Congratulations on your new blog. I am a freelance writer and blogger. I did a blog for the Los Angeles Times and wrote a series on home remodeling for them for 12 years. Would you be interested in doing a trade for a Walker tent for a 320 T@B in exchange for 15 blog posts of 250 words each? Here is an example of my blogging: You can see all of my work here: If you want to discuss, let me know. I am very familiar with T@Bs and the T@B community and I can think of 15 blog post topics they would be interested in. Let me know if you wish to discuss.

  • Wendy

    Great idea! Hope maybe you will address the differences between the new awning and the Deluxe Sun Canopy. They both seem to cover the same area but obviously the price difference indicates that there is some quality difference between the two. I have seen the new awning in person, but based on Mandy Lea’s recommendation and the way the deluxe looks, I think that is the direction we are leaning. Would also love to see a real time set up of both.

  • Pat labs

    Love to hear of unknown camping spots!! Please share of places on water, not so crowded, and State Pwrks that are recommended!

  • Al Thound

    Thank you, Elton, for this blog. We have a 2016 T@B we’ve taken out once, a fast trip to Sedona, AZ, late October 2017. We live full time on the Long Beach peninsula, so we seldom take the T@B out of the garage. The sandy beach is about 600 steps away to the west, over two dunes. This area is a haven for washed up whales, mola sunfish, and live sea lion pups. Whales go up the Columbia River a couple of miles to eat salmon and sea lions, all the way past the Megler Astoria bridge. Albacore tuna are close to shore now and charter fishermen are able to fill their guests’ bucket lists. Best camping we think is Cape Disappointment. North of there, guys are panning for gold in black sand up against the basalt bluffs under North Head lighthouse. It just opened again last week. They report they are getting enough gold to weigh in. Lighthouse opened Late August 2019.

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