We Appreciate Your Patience...

We Appreciate Your Patience...

We at AllPro Adventures consider ourselves fortunate to have the privilege of interacting with such an amazing group of people. Your patience has been greatly appreciated as you have waited for your products during this last year.

Walker Tents

We finally received the Walker tents which were on backorder for a while and were finally able to fill your orders. That was a really great accomplishment! We do still have a few regular 320 models that fit on trailer models older than 2020 and also a few 320 clamshell models that fit on all year model clamshell trailers.

We credit the Walker Company for not lowering their quality even when they are overwhelmed with orders. The dominant features of this tent are the exceptionally high-quality workmanship, great material and components, zippers that are very durable, and clips and poles that perform extremely well and are user-friendly. As all of you who have one of these tents know, it is like adding another room to your camping space. Most of your feedback has been "they are well worth the wait"


Unfortunately we will not have any more Walker tents coming until December of this year (2021) so if you are wanting to get one of the shipment that's coming in, feel free to call me anytime to put in a pre-order. We already have some pre-orders placed for this shipment.

Here's how our pre-ordering works: You call 330-600-8424 and place your order with payment in full. When the items arrive at our warehouse, we ship them out immediately. This is the only way to ensure that you will receive your item as soon as we receive it.


We hope to have an even bigger stock of these by 2022 and serve you like Allpro Adventures desires to serve. It is our goal to be able to ship products within 48 hours or sooner, after receiving your order. 

Walker & Isabella

For all of you who have ordered other products that were on backorder, we greatly appreciate the patience and grace you have had for us. We are happy to have the Walker Sunflex inflatable awnings back in stock and ready for immediate shipment. We also have limited quantity of the 320 Walker Sunflex so please order it now while it is still available. 

Also, as you saw on our last blog, the Isabella awnings are back in stock for quick shipping time!

We have just received a shipment of our top quality Exterior Floors. These come from the Walker Company in Europe. Made with very durable material, this floor is created for long lasting and it has a great feel for your feet. Plus it is washable. Our Exterior Floor goes well with all our awnings to provide the at home feel even outside your trailer. Create a space that looks inviting for yourself and your traveling friends.

To all of you who finally have your product, relax and enjoy the season. It is great to be able to go camping again! Have a wonderful July.               


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