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Welcome to our August Blog...

Allpro Adventures is feeling grateful and blessed for the privilege of being part of a group of people who choose to enjoy nature and creation in their spare time. I just talked with one of our valued customers yesterday who commented "camping seems to be the best option with the virus going on." So with many of you making investments in TABS and TAGS we are excited to serve you with the additional luxuries for enhancing your experience with your investment. Many of you have been so helpful as we endeavor to always be improving our products.

Let's focus on Awnings in this month's blog. Many of you ask the question, "What is the difference in the three TAB awnings we offer?" I am proud to say that all three of these awnings are great choices. We do not have an awning that is inferior in quality because that would be against our policy. If it is less than ideal, we do not offer it to our customers. So, first let us talk about our very own design, the AllPro Awning 

  A few highlights of this awning. Since it is locally made right here in Ohio, we are able to offer this awning at a better price than the awnings which we import. We like the color options this awning allows us to offer to our customers. We can do almost any color combo you like. Our base colors are Silver or White as the main color at the back, then any color you like around the front or we can easily make it a solid color for you.  We are very pleased with the performance of this awning and have many happy customers using this awning. A few improvements we have made since designing them last year include:  We stopped using fiberglass tents rods as our perimeter poles and went to pre-bent aluminum poles that clip into each other. This creates a very sturdy perimeter and allows the horizontal support poles to snap into the perimeter for greater performance in winds.  This awning is our top seller and we are thrilled to provide you with a product that is simple and easy to install. With the sharp color options it adds spice and comfort to your travels. Currently we are making these awnings as they are ordered and it usually takes a few weeks before they ship out. 

 Now let's talk about the Isabella Sun Canopy

 We are so happy to finally have this Deluxe awning back in stock. This awning had sold out and we had customers who were waiting patiently for a few months until they arrived from overseas. This Isabella awning is one that you can not find a bad review about. If you browse the internet and read about these Isabella awnings you will discover that this is a well-proven product that people enjoy to use. They are offered in only one neutral color and as you can see, they are basic but pretty. Talk about quality built - it is here! A product that functions very well and I have read testimonials of it withstanding high winds and storms. The horizontal poles slide very smoothly. The fabric is 100% water proof and very strongly built. A great product that we are very fortunate to be allowed to offer in the U.S.A. Imported from Europe. 

Now let's look at our newest and very exciting Walker Sunflex

This inflatable awning is offered by none other than the well-trusted company Walker Campstyle from Europe. As most of you know, we sell a Walker Side Room that has been the delight of many TAB owners. And if you have ever checked and read reviews about them you know that they are known for their amazing design and quality. Well this awning has been nothing less than that same great design. One of the biggest highlights of this awning is the fact that it is so nice and compact for storage because it does not have any aluminum poles. Another highlight is that it assembles exceptionally quick. Slide it into your keder rail and air up the poles and you have a beautiful awning. This awning even has roll down sides and windows for more luxury. By clicking on the product it will take you to our website page and there you will see a video of it being installed. This will answer any further questions you might have about the inflatable sunflex. It performs much better than we anticipated. The quality of the material compares to that of stand up paddle boards if you are familiar with those. We have not had a single puncture or leak. Also included in your purchase is the pump to inflate the tubes. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer these great Walker products to you. 

Now for our TAG family; let's look at the TAG Awning

We are excited as we are hearing from our consumers about this cute little TAG Awning being what they had dreamed of for so long. It attaches to your TAG with a ratchet strap that is sewn into a hem along the back edge of your awning then runs all the way around your trailer and connects at the front beside the handle on your trailer. Super sturdy-built with all the same features as the TAB awning. It even has small zip-off side wings to allow more air flow if needed but also privacy if that is what you desire. You get to order any color combo that you like best. These awnings also get built as they are ordered and often take a few weeks until shipped. 

Notice all of these images and links in this blog will feature the Boondock version. If you have a regular trailer just browse the website and find the awning that matches your trailer. 

        A wonderful August to all of our camping friends.     Elton



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  • Heather Rice

    Do you make exterior window coverings for the Tab 320?

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