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Awning Sale ! - Allpro Adventures

2 Week Sale on Awnings!

Excitement is running high as camping gets back into full swing. We feel it here at AllPro Adventures and rejoice to hear the good vibes come through. It is a satisfaction for us to serve you with these quality accessories that enhance your experiences. Some of you have been waiting and requesting a sale on visors, awnings, and side tents. Due to already tight margins on some of our products and the shut down, we haven't  been able to do many sales this spring. We will now be offering a 2 week sale on all our side tents and awnings and visors on our store. You will notice the different discounts for the various items as you scroll through our store. We are excited to serve you in this way, so take advantage of this and do your shopping while the sale lasts. The Sale will end May 31st. 

Purchase your AllPro Awning with this $40.00 discount sale. Prices good until May 31, 2020.This awning is made right here in our neighborhood. Part of our passion is to have a high quality product made locally which allows us to give you complete customer service and customize the awning according to your preference. Choose the color combination you like best. You can even choose your own combination with any two of the colors featured. Please write into the notes how you would like your colors. We are also just a phone call away if you have any questions 330-600-8424. 

We are also offering a second sale on the inflatable Sun Flex awning. This awning has been selling like hot cakes ever since it came on the market this spring. We feel like it is such an incredible addition to our store because of the compact storage it offers, plus the simplicity to assembly. Since most of our customers are Teardrop campers we know this is a huge plus to have such a top of the line product that is simple to assemble. It is extremely durable and has the latest fashion in style with all the options, like the side curtains and windows. This product surely has no short cuts and is still the most compact and lightweight for storage. Place your order here.

Take this rare opportunity to save $60.00 off the Walker tent!  This is an opportunity that we do not offer very often. We are well aware that this tent is pricey, therefore we keep the regular price down as much as possible. You will rarely see these tents on sale at all. With offering free shipping on a big product like this you are saving much more then you often realize when placing your Walker Tent order. Almost all the people's testimony after buying this tent has been that it was expensive but well worth the money. Notice how it can be an awning or a deluxe side room, whichever you prefer. 

Truly a design that satisfies and quality that performs above what you anticipate. Therefore resulting in a feeling of triumph after the purchase is made and you sit under it, relaxing and enjoying friends. Take time to read through the reviews of this item and see what our happy customers have to say about this quality tent.  $60.00 off for the next two weeks! Sale ends May 31, 2020.

The Shadewing Visors are custom designed to fit perfectly on our T@BS. They come in all our beautiful color combinations. They are so easily installed. Simply insert the tent rods into the front perimeter pouch and slide it into your keder rail. Two guy lines designed to slide into the bottom keder rail allows you to set the visor up in situations while you are on concrete and could not otherwise tie down. So in any circumstance you are able to use your visor. Notice the cool designed fringe. This customer even went on to decorate with nice ball decor and sent us the photo. Thank You, we really like to have this relationship with all of you and share the highlights of your talents. 

We have designed a Shadewing visor that adds a beautiful amount of shade for your T@B 400. It is the only custom visor specifically designed for the T@B 400. You can easily get smaller visors and slide them into the 400 but they are not custom designed for the 400. With the exceptional width of shade our visor offers we designed it with a telscopic pole at the back with a grommet eyelet to allow for a tight sturdy visor if tied down against that pole correctly. This keeps the visor from blowing down and the guy lines keep it from blowing up. 

We have added another two weeks to our T@G awning launch price. So take advantage of this special price through the rest of May. We are currently making these as fast as we can and try to get your orders out as soon as possible. However when you order this T@G awning, please plan on two weeks before we can ship them. It was interesting to see that Silver/Blue color combination was one of the best sellers yet so far for this awning. We hope to have more color option photos on our website soon. 

Also we are giving two more weeks to save $100.00 on the T@G tent. This side room is quality all over. Very durable 100% waterproof with many cool features. Windows, with screens and shades. Privacy changing room where you can actually stand up inside. Similar to the Walker tent that fits on the T@B trailers, this side room is about quality. We were not trying to make a cheap tent that gives you more stress than happiness. This was designed to serve as an extra room for comfortable sleeping quarters plus an awning if so desired. We will however work on designing a very reasonally priced awning in the future that does not have all the color options and will be very basic but still serve as a shade. 

It has been such a pleasure to serve this community of happy people. I anticipate continuing to serve you. Enjoy your long awaited camping adventures! Elton


  • Tatiana

    Hello, we too would like an answer to Jill’s question above. Can you make an awning or visor for our T@DA?

  • Jill

    Do you make awnings for the T@DA XL?

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