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Biking is Invigorating - Allpro Adventures

 10% off Jack It bike racks

 Lately I took a few early morning bike rides. These beautiful mornings are invigorating and I discovered it is inspiring to spend time in the early morning enjoying God's creation.  The weather was crisp and cool with the sun just creeping over the horizon. 

     If we are bikers, we all like to take our bikes along when we travel, just in case we see a serene trail that promises peaceful scenes along its path. But with our teardrop trailer attached to the hitch, where can we put the bikes? Well check out this bike rack. It slips right over your jack! Now the bikes ride at a convenient place away from the hatch to allow entry there. Still  it is not too close to the camper to interfere with luggage in that area. What a unique idea to free up your hitch area while still carrying your bikes comfortably and safely!

    These racks fit universally over most hitches. If you have a T@B 320 or 400 you will want to choose this feature when ordering. Because of a few bolts on the frame interfering with the mounting of this rack we developed a plate that fills the space between the jack and frame to create a nice sturdy mount. 

   We also offer another option. A bracket that mounts to your a frame. Custom designed for the Tab and Tag trailers. This is basically another 2 inch hitch. It is called the Up-N-Front. This is just another very cool feature that literally adds an elevated 2 inch hitch receiver. Now you can buy any bike rack that fits on the back of a vehicle and attach it to the Up-N -Front receiver.  It is super sturdy. 

   One of our happy customers sent this photo to me. He wanted us to know how happy he is to be able to carry his bikes plus his kayaks while at the same time towing a Teardrop. 

         Good News

   Throughout the month of September we are giving you a 10% discounted rate on our bike racks price!  You choose the one you like on our site. When you go to check out you will notice the box asking if you have any discount code. Simply enter bike10 and hit apply to get your discount. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy lots of biking yet before winter! 

                                      Until next time, Elton

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  • Sissy

    We have a 2019 320 tab with boondock package: it has a "1/2 moon box "with battery, spare tire rack and the jack- From looking at these photos/ reading this blog, it does not appear I can buy this bike mount (and it fit/ have any room left) …. am I correct? Thank you

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