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Black Friday Special....Walker Tent Sale!

    Most of you are familiar with the Walker side tent for the T@B teardrops. In this Blog let's take a closer look at the tent and discuss some of the highlights it offers. After that I will give you the code to get $100.00 off on Black Friday. 

   Walker Camping Style in Holland designed this extremely high quality tent. They  didn't miss anything when they designed this one! Notice in the above picture how nice and tight it fits. No water will stand on puddles on this roof top. With the quality horizontal poles and locking features on them, it allows for a very tightly stretched finished product. Also the material is profoundly amazing quality! Durable and heavy but with a soft touch. And they put ventilation in every window! So you have screens in the back and the front plus in both side windows. The windows simply roll up and get fastened with the already in-place holders. This allows a nice breeze to flow through your room. Another feature that customers really love about the Walker Tent is the fact that it can be an awning but then very quickly and simply be switched into a fully enclosed room by zipping in the front and side walls.

   Included in your purchase from AllPro Adventures is a nice exterior floor. This Jolax exterior rug can be power washed without causing damage to the product. If you have a spill or your pet has an accident it can be as simple as swinging in at the car wash and hanging your rug onto the wall clips and spraying them nice and clean again. 


   The stylish curtains are another cool feature. Designed with latest fashion in mind, they serve as a great privacy feature. To ensure a nice private feel, Walker sends along elastic bands that are attached at both ends along the bottom of the window. This is to tuck the curtain in behind. Because the tent has a round contour the curtain hangs away from the bottom of the window, so by sliding your curtain in behind this band it makes a nice neat look plus ensures the privacy you like to feel. The tent is also equipped with tie backs for the curtains when you want to have an outside view.

   As you can see in this last photo Walker Tent owners have loads of extra space. Not only a place to get out of the rain but a whole extra room. With the quality of the fabric, you can sleep in this room without being damp with dew when you wake up. Now you actually have room for the whole family to go and enjoy the teardrop. It will be an extra sleeping room or even just a dry place to keep your shoes. It will also be a nice and near area to store all those other items you would like to take along but not store inside the teardrop while you are camping.

          Some frequently asked questions about the Walker Tent.... 

1. Can I put this up by myself? 

Answer...   It depends.   It is not easy to put up this Walker Tent by yourself. I do assemble and put them up by myself;  however I am a 34-year old man and even for me it is a challenge to do it by myself. It works much more smoothly and is obviously much easier if there are two people helping each other. Most people will conclude it as being impossible by yourself.

2.  How long does it take to assemble it?

Answer...  Allow yourself an hour to assemble it the first time. There are things to assemble the first time but that will then always stay assembled. After that it only takes between 20 and 40 minutes, and less time the more often you do it. We now have a complete video of step by step instructions on assembly that I hope to have up on our website very soon. This video includes some very important tips on how to getting a nice and tight finished look. 

3. Why is it so expensive?

 Answer...  Once you are the owner of this tent you will understand why you paid what you did for it. With the quality of this material you don't have any sweating or condensation on the inside at night. Everything from the zippers to the poles and the fasteners are top of the line products. No shortcuts on this tent! Therefore no customer complaints or regrets after purchase. I couldn't think of anything I could change to improve the quality of this tent. So if you want something breathable, that is also 100% waterproof and almost impossible to tear then you will see that here is value for your money. 

4. What are the measurements of the storage bags?

Answer...  There are two heavy duty carry bags included. One bag is for the poles and the assembly parts. The other bag is for the canvas pieces. The carry bags are approximately 40 inches long and 15 inches wide plus 5 to 8 inches thick with everything inside. So you have thin long bags that are nice and flat for packing into your vehicle for transport. 

   Now for the discount code. On Black Friday only we are offering $100.00 off any size Walker Tent you need to fit your T@B Teardrop. You will see on our website that we have these tents to fit the T@B 400 for both regular and boondock editions. Plus all the 320 models... regular, boondock, and clamshell versions. The discount code in bf2019. You can simply click on here to order. When you place your order and are checking out, on one page will be a box that says { gift card or discount code} here you will enter bf2019 and hit apply. When you press apply it will automatically take $100.00 off your total. 

   Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!     I will be back in December.    Elton



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  • Meg Simonton

    Everything said above about quality, ample space, and difficulty in putting up alone IS TRUE. I had 2 helpers the first and ONLY time it’s been used and am selling it for that reason—I travel solo and got the much lighter smaller nylon pahaque side tent which is not nearly as tight fitting. The Walker tent is so well made you have a much larger space to camp in for years and it provides enough space for a double sleeping bag AND equipment. If you have guests, it’s well worth the investment.

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