Eazy BBQ

Eazy BBQ

Eazy BBQ is the new craze....

We just listed a unique product EAZY BBQ on our website for those of you who like to cook delicious meats over charcoal.  This is a box of charcoal that is designed to make starting a fire super easy and add special taste to your food at the same time. You set this box of charcoal into your grill or smoker or even in a camp fire ring and light the designated spot on the box. Minutes later you have a very hot charcoal fire that is ready to use for cooking. People even love this product to simply start a campfire to sit around. This is the source of lasting coals and you can keep on adding firewood and this keeps it going for hours. Try it out for yourself!  

We offer these in 2 different sizes and we also offer them in multiple box discounts. 

Eazy BBQ Charcoal, 100% Natural Oak for Barbecue. Just Light the Box. Clean. Easy to Use.

  • EASY TO USE - Just light up the box and you’re ready to go!
  • NATURAL and ECO FRIENDLY - EAZYBBQ products feature a unique and completely natural system of self-ignition with no additives, preserving the natural food flavors. Made only from recycled cardboard and Natural Green Oak Charcoal. Eco-friendly packaging to respect the environment.
  • LONG LASTING and CLEAN - Up to two hour burn time with high calorific power. No dust, thanks to its plastic wrapping.
  • CONVENIENT and EASY TO LIGHT - Easy to light, transport and store. Perfect for outdoor charcoal grills, barbecues and smokers.
  • A SIZE FOR EVERY OCCASION - Available in Large (8-16 people), Medium (2-8 people)  Ideal for last minute guests!

This is the cleanest way possible to carry charcoal along and in the end there is no trash at all. It all burns up. Order yours today and let us know how you like this super EAZY BBQ  Remember if you order a bigger supply that totals over $100.00 you get free shipping!


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