Exciting Announcements!

Exciting Announcements! - Allpro Adventures

    Yes it is true, you are looking at a T@G side tent. I can't wait to tell you all about this deluxe side tent. We are still in the process of perfecting it and making it as user friendly as possible. This blog is just an announcement blog. There are three new items coming very soon. So far I have always talked about all of them in the same blog. The T@G side tent, the T@G side awning, and the new inflatable awnings for the T@B. It is time to be more specific with each product, so I will be writing a separate blog on each item as they become available for ordering. 

    #1.   Next week I will do a detailed blog concerning the T@G side tent. It is almost ready for ordering, so rest assured you will be able to get yours by early spring! 

    #2.   Within the first 2 weeks in March I will do a detailed blog for the T@B inflatable awnings along with a link for pre-order at a discounted price. By then I will have a date when they will be available for shipment to you.

    #3.   As soon as we have perfected the T@G awning which will be in a few weeks I will show you the beautiful pictures of the AllPro sun shade awning for the T@G. 

    So stay tuned as I get more specific on these new items and help you decide which one is the right one for you. You will see that we here at AllPro Adventures are going to provide you with top quality. Our number one concern is to have a quality product that will more than satisfy the consumer.  Looking forward to bringing you more next week!                        Elton


  • Ken Hughes

    will you be thinking about a rear galley tent for a T@G ?

  • STP

    I am so psyched to see the side awning for the T@g !!!

  • JO-Anne

    Hi there!
    What tents or awnings fit the T@B 400?

  • Susan J Jordan

    Oh happy day!

  • Nell

    I sure hope the T@G sidetent has nice windows like the T@B

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