Happy Fall Y'all

Happy Fall Y'all - Allpro Adventures

 October Special! - 10% off COVERS

  Welcome to our October blog at AllPro Adventures. We are located here in the center of Ohio and we are experiencing beautiful fall weather. One of the highlights of living here is the constant changing of the seasons. Each has its own pros.  I enjoy nature, so autumn adds an extra vitality to my spirit as I observe the squirrels preparing for winter. They are diligent as they gather nuts and carry them to their homes. Also I enjoy watching the migration of birds. Notice the geese as they travel in their v-shapes honking at each other as  they go. Nature has a way of showing us some important things in life. We can be like the geese and cheer each other on with words of encouragement as we meet people in life.

     In the same way that nature prepares itself, we also think about cold weather and what we need to be doing to prepare for the elements of winter. Some of us need to be cutting wood for that cozy wood stove in the living room. Personally as a father of six children I am thinking of coats and boots that will be needed if my children want to enjoy the snow like I used to do on our family farm. After dark sled rides in the country are a topic for another time. Coming home from living in Asia for a few winters, our family will be needing more coats and boots than they did in a warm climate. We find it exciting to go to garage sales or thrift shopping as a family and see what we can find. It is rewarding for me to see just how faithfully God provides for the animals, and so He also faithfully provides for His children. 

     Likewise I am sure that teardrop owners also think of their trailer and how to protect and preserve it through the winter elements. For this reason we are focusing on covers through the month of October. We have designed a cover to fit all the NuCamp Teardrop models. They are made with incredible quality material that is very durable but also has a soft touch to ensure that it doesn't scratch or scuff new paint and decals. 


     As you can see they are designed with a zip open door to give you access into your trailer even in storage. 

    We had a customer with the concern of berries falling on the cover and the juice bleed through and leave an ugly stain on the trailer. So we did an experiment and poured grape juice on the material and laid it out in the sun for 2 days. At the end of 2 days we checked. On the back side it was impossible to even detect that anything was on the front side. Also with a pressure washer the stain even came off the front side. So it is somewhat stain resistant even on the front side and definitely will not leak through to your trailer at all. 

    The following photo is of the inside before the outside was cleaned. No trace of stain or wetness. This also confirms the 100% water proof quality of the material. Always remember to cover your trailer when it is nice and dry to avoid the possibility of mold build up. With these quality covers you see much less of that than with a cheap canvas. But it is still recommended to not cover a wet trailer.

   We do also offer a very high quality truck camper cover for those of you who own a beautiful Cirrus 820 or 920. Those truck bed campers are absolutely beautiful and immaculate quality. I love the attractive decals and latest fashion design on those. If you need a cover for it, check out this deluxe cover.

    As you saw on the heading, we are offering a 10% discount on all covers through the month of October. Take advantage of this discount by using the code 10cover when you check out. There is a box that asks for a discount code. This will automatically take 10% off your total if you have a cover in your cart. We look forward to continuing  the customer service all of you deserve, as well as blessing you with fast order fulfillment. We normally ship out your order within 24 hours of receiving the order. If by chance we don't have it in stock, it usually goes no more than 5 days before your order is on its way.  

                                                    Have a wonderful fall Y'all!           Elton 


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