Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays - Allpro Adventures

Happy Holidays from Allpro Adventures

    What a joyful time of the year!  As people take time to focus on loved ones around them and think about how they can bless them, they will be blessed in return. The words of Jesus come to life, "It is more blessed to give than to receive." It really feels so much better inside to be able to give to others than it does to always be getting things. Giving each other special gifts and tokens of love also reminds us of the Heavenly Father's amazing best gift of all history when He gave His only Son Jesus. What an act of Love!

    Something I especially enjoy about the Christmas Season is the family gatherings. When we take time to reconnect and enjoy each other in ways that we so often don't get done at other times. Special dishes are prepared and Good Music is played. Even now as I sit here writing I have this Instrumental Music playing in the background that is soothing to my soul.

 At this festive time of the year I want to take a moment to bless each of you and extend a special Thank You for all the great reviews on our website. Also for all the helpful feedback we received via email and phone calls. This is all so beneficial for us to continue improving our products to get our customers what will enhance your vacations. It is our goal to always provide you with a rewarding shopping experience.

   There is a unique group of people who enjoy camping in snow and northern winter settings. Being exposed to the elements brings thrills that most people never experience. I admire people of this nature and invite you to share your experiences with us. There is nothing like a cozy camper nestled away in the snow off grid in the hills somewhere. If you care to share photos or stories you can sent them to elton@allproadventures.com. Also if there is anything you think campers like you would need to add comfort to these experiences in the form of accessories feel free to let us know as well. 


    We have a few little items that would make wonderful Christmas gifts. Maybe you want to give that extra special person a bigger gift but want him/her to help decide on color or design. You can always surprise him/her with the AllPro Adventures Gift Card

   Stay connected for the new product releases of 2020. We are currently designing a beautiful side tent for the T@G trailers. It will be top quality and offer what so many of you have been asking for. A nice big additional room that will serve multiple purposes. With the nice big screened windows for a comfortable place to lounge out of the sun and have company over for meals. Or rolling down the shades and using it for a changing room or even an extra bedroom for additional family members. This will be the long awaited T@G side tent.

     We also have an exceptionally beautiful inflatable Awning becoming available for pre-order very soon. This Awning is the perfect thing for Teardrop campers. No more poles! Smaller carry cases, less storage, and much quicker assembly. You won't believe until you see the beautiful product. Watch for the January Blog on more info on these new Awnings. 

    Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year's Day to all of you.....      Elton


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