Happy New Year 2022

Happy New Year 2022

Anticipations for 2022....

A huge Shout Out to all you great people who are consumers of our products! We are blessed with an amazing camping family who loves to keep improving. I appreciate all the great ideas that you have shared with us. Like always, we will be striving for the best quality of any new products designed in 2022. Everybody loves to get a product that functions even better than they anticipated! With canvas products and add-on accessories, it often takes some creativity to apply and use the product. That is what you excel in. Being good consumers is being good stewards of our belongings. I am sure most of you have exciting plans for this brand New Year!  We are looking forward to being a part of those plans by serving you again this year. 

Thank You so much to everyone who patiently awaited your Walker tents in 2021. We finally got that shipment in and as of yesterday fulfilled all your orders. If you were waiting and watching the website for an opportunity to order one when they are back in stock, your time has come! (unless you have a newer 320 trailer). We currently have all the various styles in stock except the 2021-2022 Tab 320 Boondock tent. All the other models are available to ship within a day of receiving your order. We will get more of the Tab 320 Boondock 2021-2022 tents as soon we can. If you want to be on the list to get one of these from the next shipment, feel free to call me at 330-600-8424 and pre-order one. 

The Sunflex Awning for the Tab 320 had been out of stock for a few months. We also have a small amount of those back in stock. You might want to consider ordering your choice of awning now, before you are ready to go a trip in May or June.

There is still a lead time of about 3 weeks after ordering an Allpro Awning until  shipping time. These awnings are custom offered in a variety of colors so we do not stock every color combo. 

I always enjoy the time at uCamp, to see the variety of brilliant innovations! The color schemes that people come up with are impressive. It is very unique how we are all designed with specific tastes and ideas. A wise person is always looking for an opportunity to learn from another person with ideas he/she has never had. We can go far in life if we bring our ideas and are willing to receive others' ideas. 

Another announcement... We had been waiting on locking mechanisms for the storage tubs for the Tabs. A few of you wanted notification when these become available again. We just received a few sets and put them back on the website. We hope that 2022 is the year when we will be able to build up our inventory to always be able to serve you immediately. It feels like we are slowly going in that direction again.

Have a wonderful January as you anticipate this year ahead. If we dream about how we will enhance another person's life, we can be sure to have a much more fulfilling year ourselves. We can feel love if we first learn how to love others, because love always comes back in portions bigger than what we gave away.

We will keep dreaming of new products that will be a blessing to your camping experiences. And as our manufacturers find time to incorporate more production, we will bring more items to you. Our next new release will be a screen room that is light and easy to install and mosquito tight! 

Until next time.... Elton

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