The Sunrise of a New Year

The Sunrise of a New Year - Allpro Adventures

 As the sun set on 2019...

  ....and the sun arose on 2020, we at Allpro Adventures welcome all of you on the journey through this year with us.  We anticipate with excitement what is on the horizon for 2020. We have numerous exciting products that we will be offering in hopes of enhancing your camping experiences. Not only will we bring in a few new products but we are also hoping to be improving our current products. As the man in the above photo, we will stop and carefully consider: what are some things that caused dissatisfied customers last year; what are things that created needless hassle; in which areas can we improve our customer service; how can we improve our products for better performance? Are there ways we can help a dream come true in your life that hasn't happened yet? It is our desire to keep growing with you in discovering new dimensions of enjoying the great outdoors while keeping your vacations relaxed and convenient. With this in mind, we will continue our endeavors to bring new products which put smiles on your face and hopefully exceed your expectations. I trust that when the sun sets on 2020, we will feel a serene sense of gladness from putting others first in life, knowing that what we were doing in 2020 was to bless others and help them achieve their goals in life.

  And when the sun sets in our life, may we discover that we are glad we took the time to follow more important things in life than our own interests. One of those is the memories we leave and the relationships we have made. So my goal for 2020 here at AllPro Adventures is to enhance people's experience in life in whatever way I can.

   I enjoy how much it feels like we are community as we interact on the different facebook groups and social media platforms. If someone has a question there are always people willing to help out and guide them to the right resources to solve their issues. A personal THANK YOU to all of you who have been directing people to AllPro Adventures  for their shade and rain protection needs, plus their camper covers and bike rack solutions.  We appreciate you and view you as our business partners.

   I am so excited to reveal our new products to you very soon. Hopefully by the February Blog I will be able to officially announce a pre-order which we will offer for the inflatable SunFlex. See image below. I will then talk about all the super features this awning offers and how much space you save on your tow vehicle by not having any aluminum tubes to carry along. You will be pleased to find out these come from Walker Campstyle. They're known for their incredible quality. 

   Have a wonderful January! Those of you who are camping in the winter; enjoy the extra exhilaration that comes with crisp cold nights. The stars seem extra bright and the warmth of the teardrop extra friendly. Doing things out of the ordinary is a feeling of accomplishment in itself. Happy Travels to all of you in 2020.                                                                                     



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  • Stu Greenwood

    I am interested in the TAB-CS. I don’t want a shower, Air conditioning, tv screen, where I am going I won’t need them. Do want water heater, and heater, fan ,large 15 tires. I like ether the back opening kitchen or internal one. I went to a dealer and was told these models were no longer available.
    Is this true. Stu

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