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  All about the New Sunflex Awnings

    This blog is an announcement for pre-order of the New Walker Sunflex inflatable awning!  As most of you know we are big fans of the Walker side tent. It truly exceeds any other quality we know. So when Walker announced the design of an inflatable side awning for the T@B trailers we got very excited. And sure enough when our test awning arrived it was nothing less than what we had expected and hoped for. Once again there is quality that exceeds expectations and design. With all the extra features, Walker doesn't stop at second best. They go all the way to fullfill the need and desire of the consumer. I know this awning will impress many customers and we are so excited to offer it at a special price for a limited time!  Let me explain.

First of all let's look at all the unique features and functions of this awning. I am sure you have already noticed the windows. What an awesome way to help you feel more connected to your surroundings while still being covered!  As you can see with the way the window is designed, no one can walk up to you unannounced. If you are sitting and relaxing you will be able to see your friends coming because they will be right in your line of view.

Next notice the color of the roof. Perfect, as it will not attract extra heat from the sun. In fact you will be surprised at the difference you feel when you are under your awning, versus in the direct sun rays. Plus if you desire you can roll up the side curtains for an additional airflow through your awning. 

  From the photo you can see how open it will feel with the curtains up. Literally feels like changing your awning into a visor by rolling up the curtains, while still keeping the firmness of an awning. See how the rain fly around the front perimeter will add to the shade plus help with guiding driving rain off your setup underneath. 

   Maybe the biggest highlight about this awning is that it is inflatable! I was totally amazed at the performance of this inflatable awning. You will hardly believe the firmness of the tube after you inflate it. The front perimeter and the horizontal tube inflate into a firm, very sturdy pole. Honestly, it really is a thrilling experience to unpack this small 24 x 24 box and see it become this beautiful awning within minutes. Simply slide it into your keder rail along the back and inflate the tubes with the hand pump that is included in your purchase. Stake it down and you have an awning!  So simple yet so complete.  What so impressed me is that not only do we have an inflatable awning, but also one that is deluxe with windows and curtains!  And we trust that it will perform beyond your expectations. So as you can tell I am impressed and excited! Because as you all know, we at AllPro Adventures pride ourselves in offering quality and service above anything else and this product is an exciting addition. 

   So here is the good news. We are offering these awnings with a $100.00 discount on all orders through April 1st. We anticipate our stock shipment to arrive by mid April. So you can expect by first part of May to have it in your possession. Perhaps even potentially by the end of April. To take advantage of this pre-order sale click on the following links T@B 400 awning or T@B 320 awning. 

    We anticipate serving you, and as always we hope you are anticipating a very enjoyable camping season!  It feels invigorating as spring comes closer and new life springs forth from the earth again. It thrills me to be able to add to this excitement by offering our new product.             Elton


  • linda schaeffer

    will this fit a Helio O 2?

  • LIsa

    Hi Elton,

    As you know, I just purchased an awning for my Boondock from you. I had asked if you could make the drop sides that this new inflatable has. I’m interested in this new awning for the sides. My question is, are there covers for the window pieces?

  • DL Mac

    Good morning Elton, I am in Canada and in need of a new awning for my 2018 320. I’m leaning toward either the sun shade or this new inflatable. Two questions: 1) Is the sun shade made of the same material as the Walker tents? 2) There doesn’t seem to be any support trusses/bars in the roof of the inflatable. As such, will it sag? Kindly advise at your earliest opportunity. Thank you, DL!

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