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July Blog Post - Allpro Adventures

Happy Independence Day Month...

As I think of celebrating America this month, I think of the people I get to interact with throughout this nation. It is a privilege to be part of a group that focuses on enjoying creation. What a beautiful country we enjoy!  So many places of beauty that draw our hearts to serenity. From mountains to deserts and plains to forests. We have a very diverse landscape to explore. Adventures and peaceful moments can be part of the same trip if we so choose. 

Most importantly though, is the relationships we share. As I work with you in fulfilling your orders and working out issues that arise with the products, I am reminded over and over of the blessing that it is to work with helpful, well-meaning people. Folks who aren't only looking out for ourselves but are concerned about others first. This is the key to a great country, if we are unselfish and make our decisions based on what is best for the rest of us. Thank You once again for your patience as we build a great company, with great products and also great relationships that endure a flawed product that will happen occasionally.


Currently some of you are showing a great character of patience. We had a huge influx of orders and were about 2 weeks out with shipping most of the orders after they came in. We really appreciate your understanding in this. Also we had a few issues with getting materials and workers missing due to the virus. So the combination of events slowed us down and resulted in us getting a little behind. Currently we are shipping out most of the product around 2 weeks after it gets ordered. We will continue serving you with the very best quality possible and service that reflects the United States of America how we desire it to be. Every one of us has the potential to enhance the experience of our fellow citizens or to destroy it for our fellow citizens. Have wonderful camping experiences as we celebrate and enjoy our great Nation!               Until next month,  Elton



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  • Kay Levine

    first attempt was a little saggy-hard to put up with only one person-the rods were very hard to adjust-impossible with one hand and even worse trying to get them apart-next time i will wd-40 all ends before putting together-velcro was a mess-some fell off-you really need a better way to fasten them on-i have seen what some others have done to fix this problem-otherwise very good quality construction and kept the shade off in the hot afternoon-PS it was very humid I’m sure that was part of the problem

  • Signe

    Thanks for all you do to provide us with exceptional products for our little campers! Did I mention that I love my inflatable awning???? :)

  • Susan

    Thank you for providing a quality product and the care you show for your customers.

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