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Welcome to the June blog with a special "Thank You" to all of you who are part of us here at AllPro Adventures. We cherish your relationship and are so grateful to be part of a group of people who enjoy enhancing others' lives. We get an incredible amount of positive feedback and unique ideas for products to design. Some of you are still wondering when we will get to your idea. It is our goal to perfect all the current designs until we have no area of dissatisfaction, and then go on to more new things. Our AllPro Adventures Awning is currently one of our best sellers.

We are very pleased with the performance of this awning. We have changed this awning quite a bit from the very first ones we had made. These improvements are made due partly to the feedback from all of you. That is why we are so grateful to be part of more than just a company!  We are more like a family sharing ideas. One thing I deeply appreciate is how understanding most of you are through the process, and instead of putting us out of business during the designing stage, by demanding replacements, etc we are together finding a solution that works for both of us. 

 Another highlight of our summer has been the Walker Sunflex

This awning has made many of our customers' day brighter. "Better than expected" is a common comment. Designed with great quality fabric and other amazing features for you to enjoy, which include roll up curtains and windows!  The biggest factor is that there are no poles to deal with. Much smaller space for packing while traveling. We are fortunate to be a Walker dealer. The only in North America! We cherish our relationship with Ivo and Dianna who own the Walker company. They have never let us down with quality. They serve us with integrity and I am sure as you use their product you will agree with me that it is paramount to most awnings available.

  Sometimes we hear comments of the Walker tent being pricey. This is so good for me to hear because we take pride in selling quality over quantity. The customers who have a Walker side room consider it an investment to own one, not a mere purchase. A purchase you will be buying another one soon. An investment stays with the setup for years. The highlights of this tent is definitely the awning feature. Both the front wall and the right sidewall zip off to create a beautiful awning. Full ventilation is another beautiful feature. Even with all the walls zipped on, each side has full screen windows to allow airflow. 

  A NEW item we just started to carry is this Porta Potti. For those who don't have a bathroom in your trailer, it is a super answer for that night calling when the dew feels extra cold. Stay in the comfort of your trailer with this porta pot that allows for some storage with out letting the smell out. Super cool features. 

 As you travel the world and enjoy the products from AllPro Adventures, always feel free to go on our website and click on the item and leave a review for the next people who are looking. A huge Thank You to all of you who have already done this. It is so helpful. 

 Have a wonderful June as you get out once again! And enjoy nature as you build relationships around the fire. Until next month....   Elton

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  • BIll Baumer

    Elton: Just wanted to reiterate our sincere appreciation for all that you have done for us as we have owned both a Walker Tent and All Pro’s sunshade for our T@B 400. Your level of customer support and responsiveness is absolutely superb!! We are so fortunate to be part of both the nuCamp and All Pro family!

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