Keeping you updated, while we wait...

Keeping you updated, while we wait... - Allpro Adventures

Camping Fever is Running High

   With the invigorating beautiful weather it makes it even harder to wait for the time we can finally get back to outdoor activities. It feels like winter has been prolonged. I have a feeling that very soon the campgrounds will be buzzing with attractive Teardrops again. I just want to keep all of you updated on a few things that are currently being prolonged due to the challenges with workflow. Quite a few of you have asked for a video of the inflatable sunflex awning being assembled. Good News!  In a few days I will be able to post this for you. I have had some very positive responses to the performance of this awning. If you are one of those customers who were fortunate enough to get the early bird discount, please click on here Sunflex 400, or Sunflex 320 and leave us a review of your experience with Allpro Adventures. And also ideas for other potential customers concerning the product. We are so happy to be able to offer this amazing product to you.

 Some of you have been patiently waiting to see the T@G awning. As you know we launched the beautiful T@G side room a few weeks ago. We are still running a special price for the first 20 customers on this side room. Again for those of you who have one already, please comment on the blog or go on the site here and leave us a review. Give us feedback what you use the room for; Changing Room, Sleeping Room for furry friends, Guests, or simply to have a deluxe awning to sit under in a private atmosphere.

  The basic awning is almost ready! I hope to bring it to you in my next Blog. It is a beautiful design for those of you who don't need more sleeping room nor another  extra room, but a beautiful place in the shade to sit with friends.

   As we anticipate the near future when we can once again travel where ever we like and sit around campfires with friends, it is a good time to dream and plan. We at Allpro Adventures enjoy being part of those dreams. It is our satisfaction to see your camping experiences being enhanced with consumer friendly accessories that provide another element to basic simple camping. Products that are so unique and add a comfort to your vacation with very little effort. Our AllPro Awning is one of those items that adds to the design of your setup with our attractive color combos. We are able to keep the price very low because they are manufactured locally right here in Ohio. This allows a young father to work at home with his young family and enjoy his children as they grow up. This is what we like to see happening in our world, where people's livelihoods are enhanced while helping others enjoy life.

    This is also a great time in our lives to meditate on the deeper things in life. I was having a discussion with my children concerning the many opportunities we have right now. We encouraged each other to take a little time every morning to decide on at least one way we are going to bring happiness to somebody's day in the midst of all the uncertainty. If we all focus on that concept we will soon all be blessing each other and there will be a lot less fear and stress among us. If we focus on the beauty of creation and notice the birds songs are still as beautiful as ever, we discover for at least a short moment that there can be joy in the midst of uncertainty if we focus on brightening some else's day instead of on our own unfair circumstances. Have a wonderful day as you brighten someone's day! It will brighten yours as well.     Elton

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  • Sandra

    When will you have one for the TAB 400 Boondock?

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