More Options!

More Options!
 New Options for You...
Here at Allpro Adventures we appreciate customer feedback and always delight when people bring their ideas to us. We are so grateful for all of you who are not only concerned about yourself but are out to help others. This means so much and makes us feel like a community. We listed a few New Options on the site that were occasional requests from customers. So we decided to make these items available for everyone.
The first item is the custom designed Skirt for the TAB trailers. Some of you wanted to add a skirt only to the trailer to keep wind from blowing in under your trailer. It helps keep your trailer warm during the night, and it is also nice when you are sitting in front of the trailer under an awning and there is not a draft coming out from under the trailer. Reason number two for designing this skirt was to offer a skirt that allows you to use your step. These skirts are designed to use with a side tent, therefore are a few inches longer than needed so they can be folded under the exterior rug. If you use this skirt with an awning, you will need to set something on the material that is designed to fold under your rug to secure it from blowing around. We offer a beautiful exterior Jolax Rug on our website that you may want to use for this purpose. 
Custom designed for a perfect fit!
We use strong suction cups to hold the wheel arch in place. 
These Skirts have velcro along the right and left sides. So if you have another brand tent you may be able to utilize this velcro to adhere it to your style tent. 
The Jolax Exterior Floor is a high quality rug that gives a nice soft clean feel for your feet and helps keep your trailer clean!
   The second option is our Front wall and enclosed side panels. If you have one of our Allpro Adventures Screen Room and later decide you want a fully enclosed Side Tent, you can do that by simply ordering these few pieces. The Front Wall  consists of the windows with a full screen option and a nice designed curtain for total privacy. Plus the solid Side Panels are also included to switch out your screen side panels. This is all sold as a set. 
These are available for the TAB 400 and the TAB 320 AllPro Screen Rooms.
The third New Option now available is a soft backed cover for your star gazer window on the TAB 400 Trailer. Again there are a few reason we designed and made this available for you TAB 400 trailer owners. Some of you want more protection from the hot sun, depending on where you are parked. So we designed this in a dark charcoal color to help darken the inside of your trailer to keep it cooler in such a situation. Secondly.. and maybe more importantly, this Star Gazer Window Cover has a soft fleece backer to protect your window from scratching. Some of you wanted to add this small Star Gazer Window Cover under your full winter cover to ensure the big and most exposed window has extra protection. 
 As always, we are thrilled to serve such a great community and hope you all have wonderful travels as you enjoy the beautiful autumn that parts of our country offers us.      Elton

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