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    What part of the year is a better time to enjoy the great outdoors then fall when the leaves are a variety of colors and the crisp evening sunsets almost take your breath away! It stirs the depth of our insides and brings a sense of calm when we take a minute to sit and enjoy all that nature offers to us, that we so often hurry by and fail to even notice. 

  We at AllPro Adventures want to thank all of you for your patience as you waited on your orders this fall. We are currently still out to about 3 weeks to shipping time on most of our products. Our goal is to stock everything and ship with in 24 hours. We were not able to accomplish that this summer, however this is still our goal and I anticipate getting there again soon. 

   Notice we did get more Walker Side Tents in, so if you were waiting for those to be back in stock now is the time to get your order in. We have 6 left for the TAB 400 and 400 Boondock trailer, and 8 left for the 320 and 320 Boondock trailers. We do not have any for the 2021, 320 Boondock trailer yet. Those have been designed and approved so we are currently waiting on the first shipment of those to come through. We anticipate having those by the first of next year. 

    If you are waiting on the Jack-It Bike rack, like I know a lot of you have been.  We are getting a big shipment of those within the next few weeks. We have put these back up on our website, since being sold out for over a month,  for you to be able to place your order. However remember the product will not ship till around 2 weeks. These Jack-It Bike Racks fit super nice on your TABS and TAGS. We even sent a custom filler plate along for those of you with TAB 400 and 320 trailers. To accommodate a few bolt heads that make the bike rack sit at an angle if this spacer plate is not used. 

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day as we remind each other to be Grateful and count the many Blessing we have. God blessed my wife and me and our family in an amazing way last week, October 28th, with another brand new Son. We feel overwhelmed with Joy and Gratitude.   Rejoice with us!!!


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