Precious Memories of Precious People...

Precious Memories of Precious People...
What a fun week we all had at the uCamp Rally last week! So many fun people to meet and enjoy. My highlight is always being able to help people set up their new accessories from AllPro Adventures. The opportunity to enhance your camping experience always inspires my uCamp experience. There were so many grateful people again with such great spirits and character. Joy is contagious so it is almost impossible to spend the day at uCamp and not be blessed. 
Thank You to all of you for the kind words and the positive and helpful feedback on our products. It truly is a pleasure to serve you! 

Another Amazing Experience...

The week prior to uCamp, my wife and I visited Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. We had such an enjoyable time experiencing the beauty only nature can bring to us. Our wildlife sightings were abundant and the weather was perfect for our adventure. We chose glamping places with tents or cabins and shower houses in order to be closer to nature, rather than inside a hotel. We flew into Bozeman, MT.  I want to take this opportunity to thank and bless the wonderful people at CarSmart in BozemanThey were God-sent for us and blessed us with their personal dating car for our anniversary vacation. 
If you ever need a car rental in Bozeman, go see them. They blessed us with an anniversary gift and simply made our vacation the greatest with this beautiful Lexus convertible. 
Also a shout-out to the wonderful staff at Moose Creek Ranch and the great staff at that place. They were so helpful and accommodating, very professional and extra friendly. We loved the atmosphere of the glamping tents beside the beautiful mountain streams and the awesome setting of the place. If we ever get back to Jackson Hole, WY, we will definitely go across the Teton Pass to Victor, ID and visit this nice place again. We became friends with the staff immediately upon arrival. Their positive attitude was contagious. 
Our week was incredible; all the way from Old Faithfull in Yellowstone to the Grand Tetons and Bar T 5 Covered Wagon Cookout experience in Jackson Hole to the beautiful mountains on the way to Cody, WY. 
Thank You to all of our customers who were extra patient with us that week as we were mostly out of service so orders went out a little bit later. You are a great community to be part of. Have a wonderful July as you continue your travels!

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