Screen Room Release!!!

Screen Room Release!!!

We are thrilled to present to you an exciting new Screen Room which we just designed. We have been waiting on this mosquito tight addition for so long.... Finally here is the finished product. It is a very high quality addition that allows you to have an awning only or a screened room. We have used a very good quality material that you'll discover to perform paramount to many others. Look through these photos and notice they are from TAB 400 and TAB 320.

This awning is deeper than our other awnings therefore it provides more shade. Plus if you want more privacy you can zip on the side panels. Or if you want airflow you can sit under the canopy with the sides off. When evening comes and mosquitos start bothering you, just zip in the front screen panel and attach the skirt and stay outside enjoying the evening! We even have a custom cutout for your step so you can still use the step even while the skirt is in place. 

As always we have chosen top quality components for zippers, poles, lever locks and materials to ensure that your investment will last longer than expected. This screen room will exceed your expectations of performance in winds and sun if it is installed correctly. The shade and the protection from rain will be a blessing to you. However, with the screens in the sides, your whole area will not stay dry if it rains, but the canvas itself is 100% waterproof. Watch the full video of installation to see the few easy steps of installation. And although the video is on a TAB 320 trailer, it is the exact same concept for the TAB 400 except that you will use the little ladder a few more times. 

In this video you noticed how beautifully the awning slid into the keder rail. We have started using a smaller keder rope to accommodate the new keder rail systems. However if you have a TAB that is older than 2021, you can notify me in the notes section when you check out and we will send you a tent with the keder rope that works better for your trailer.

Click here to order your Tab 320 or Tab 400 Screenroom now!

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