Spring Excitement

Spring Excitement - Allpro Adventures

             Spring is in the Air...

   We have just entered official spring time! Invigorating spring breezes and the joyful sounds of the birds as they chatter happily has a way of lifting my Spirit and giving me new energy. I love this time of the year when so many things come back to life and the earth seems to rejoice. We took off this past weekend and headed to a cabin in the Smokeys to enjoy our family. As we leisurely drove along Blue Ridge Parkway yesterday with 70 to 80 degree temperatures it felt like you couldn't soak enough in. Now after a relaxing weekend I want to update all of you on a few things here at AllPro Adventures.

Good News on the Sunflex Awning.  They have already arrived! Thank You to all of you who preordered. This preorder is still open for two more days and the product is already here. So if any of you were wanting to order but didn't want to wait on your product. You can still order at the preorder price till April 1st. After that they will be the regular price. We hope to ship all the preorder orders out one of the first days in April. Click here to order sunflex 320 or sunflex 400 to get yours yet at the discounted price.

 I am aware that some of you are waiting on the t@g awning to make its appearance. This was scheduled to come out this past week but due to the production shut down this has been pushed out a little. We still anticipate a finished product very soon. I will do a blog " all about the t@g awning" as soon as I have photos and product available. We still have some T@G tents available at a special price to the first 20. You can order those here.

I also want to take this opportunity as we wait on our product to direct you to a beautiful product of a friend of ours. Marty McKinstry designed a very beautiful shirt with a unique teardrop trailer design. He courteously blessed me with one. It is a very comfortable shirt. It fits so nice and the material it is made of feels so good. Find his website here.

 Another product some of our customers really like is the galley wing walls by Meme Eberspacher you can click here to go to here website. She has many unique designs and lots of different color options. If you struggle with the wind while cooking, definitely take a look at these awesome galley wing walls. 

  Have a wonderful week as you enjoy every day as it gets more and more mild. Spring is really here! Take time to notice the joy that nature has to offer through the birds and green grass and tulips. So much beauty goes unnoticed through our busy schedules. Now is a time for us to relax and take it all in.

What a blessing it is to have five senses to enjoy the creation. Talk to you in April.                                                                                                                  Elton


  • Bonnie M

    We are so excited! We received our Walker inflatable awing this past Friday. Our experience with All Pro Adventures has been excellent. Easy order, rapid delivery of a quality product. Unfortunately our Tab 400 is in storage, our April and May camping trips cancelled related to this nasty virus. Oh well, the future is bright and we look forward to using our new awning. We were able to partially set our new Walker awning in very limited kitchen space, the quality and expert workmanship is apparent even within the limits of our home. Looking forward to the day when we can give a full trip report. This awning is going to be awesome! Thank you All Pro.

  • Paula

    We would also like to see a video of the whole set up procedure. Hoping to purchase in the future.

  • Linda Stackhouse

    I would love for you to post a video on setting up the Tab 400 awning. I have the instructions but seeing it would make it easier to follow for me. Thank you!

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