Storage Tubs Release!!!

Storage Tubs Release!!!

Who needs more storage?

We are excited to announce the completion of a New Product which we designed for you!  Custom designed storage tubs to fit on either side of the center storage tub already on your nuCamp Boondock trailer.  

These Storage Tubs are made by the same manufacturer that makes the center tub to ensure a perfect match. They are the exact same heights, therefore creating a nice shelf as well. Notice the latch feature has a built-in lock. Very awesome feature to create a safe place for your personals and valuables. 

Both boxes come with 2 keys included. The latch in itself is very user friendly. Simply push in on the button and the lid pops open. Then simply push down on the lid and it latches shut. Great quality, like all this manufacture's products are. Tubs come pre-drilled to custom specs that fit perfectly onto the TAB 320 and the TAB 400 front platform. Also included are the washers and bolts and lock nuts that you need for a quick and very simple installation. 

Imagine all the things you will be able to tuck away into these beautiful storage tubs and lock them up!  Each tub weighs only 13 lbs. The inside measurements are as follows... 17.5 inches high. 15.5 inches wide. 13.5 inches deep. These measurements are supplied in case you want to check and see if something fits inside the tub. The outside measurements are 18x16x14. As you can see they are designed to fit perfectly and at the same time they enhance the appearance of your setup by adding a shiny chrome heavy duty look, while still being light-weight and efficient. Click on this link Storage Tubs, or any of the photos to go to our website and place your order of tubs. We received the first batch of 50 tubs which are all on order from some of you folks who discovered we are designing them. We will be getting the next shipment within a few weeks. So if you place your order now we will ship them to you as soon as they become available. 

  Isn't it exciting to dream about the upcoming camping season! It is our pleasure and passion here at AllPro Adventures to help you fulfill some of those imaginations. As you gear up with all the things you like and need to accommodate your camping stay, we are here to help. Have a wonderful time as you keep dreaming!  And stay tuned as we will continue announcing more new products over the next few months.   Elton

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