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T@G Awning Release! - Allpro Adventures

All about the T@G Awning...

   What an exciting release! Thank You so much for all your patience as we were working on this design. With the shutdown it took a few weeks longer than we anticipated. Here is the official release of the very first ever of its kind. An Awning for your T@G trailer! I am so well pleased with this final product. It's a very sturdy awning that will perform great even in windy situations and it goes on your T@G  so easily. I am also excited for all of you who finally have a shade option for your T@G. I would love to post all the photos I took!  Please go to our Website and click on the trailer you have, either regular or boondock and take a look at all the photos.


  As you can see we have an Awning for both the boondock and the regular trailers. Also notice in the first picture the side wings are attached and in the second picture they are missing. The Awning comes with the beautiful feature of a zip-off wing to enhance airflow if so desired. Or if you need a little less draft you can zip them on.

   This Awning is so user friendly. The way it attaches... there's a strap inside a hemmed pouch along the back of the awning. This lays behind the trim on top of your trailer. The strap connects at the bottom and goes all the way under your trailer and at the front, right beside the handle, [notice in the next photo] there is a small ratchet attached to the awning that ties the whole thing very nicely to your trailer. Next you slide the front perimeter poles into the front hemmed pocket and clip in the telescopic horizontal poles. Amazing quality fabric that is 100% water proof. You will be well pleased with the way this awning performs for you. 

  We are offering a special launch price on these Awnings for two weeks, untill May 20th. The special price is currently up on our website T@G Regular Awning and T@G Boondock Awning.  We do not have a big stock on hand so allow for a few weeks to fullfill your orders until we get a chance to built up our stock. This release comes right in the middle of the busy season. We will ship them out as fast as possible. I look forward to serving all of you who have been waiting on a sun shade for your T@G. 

Finally we have T@G options....

  Thank You to all of you who follow us here on our blog. I anticipate to serve all of you this great camping season. I feel like we are all really, really anticipating to get out and start experiencing the great outdoors again. Take this opportunity to browse our store and if there is anything that will make your experience even better when you get going, put in your order. We stock most of our products and try to ship them within a day or two of your orders coming in. If we do not have it in stock and can not ship it within a week, we will notify you immediately upon ordering. Keep following us here for future sales. Have a wonderful May.   Elton

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