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T@G Side Room Release! - Allpro Adventures

All about the T@G side room...

  This is a long awaited blog. We are ready for the release of the Allpro T@G side room!  Much time and thought has gone into this design and we believe many people will benefit from and enjoy the efforts. As you read through this blog you will discover that this room was first of all designed for quality and customer friendly assembly. We here at Allpro Adventures pride ourselves in treating our customers with service that exceeds their expectations. So to do ourselves and all of you a favor, we design items of superior grade and therefore what we offer is designed with long life and performance in mind. We do expect, as always, the customer's feedback. We desire to be improving our products to the very best that is possible. If you, like most of our customers are looking for a product that you will be proud to attach to your unique off road trailer and that is built for the elements, then your heart will be excited as you look at this NEW product for your T@G trailer. 

As you can see from this image, you have total privacy! When you are inside this 60 sq. foot area you will feel like you are in a snug little room. After all the corners have been connected to each other and the floor is laid inside, it will be mosquito tight. Yet with a few draw strings you can open the shades from the inside and have a window on all 3 sides in seconds. The windows are closed with zippers to ensure mosquito tightness. Super strong quality zippers have been used throughout this entire room. 

As you can see from the inside looking out, your tent is beautiful! These photos were not taken by a professional photographer as you can see. Nevertheless it gives you a good idea how it works. You also notice some wrinkles along the bottom edge. These have been taken care of by placing a few more spots for staking down. So the finished tent that I have not yet been able to take photos of looks even better than the one you are looking at here. The photo here shows the tent on a 6-wide boondock T@G. We did custom fit it for the regular T@G as well, so when you go to order you can choose whatever option fits the trailer you have. You will see we have all 4 size options. Notice the skirt neatly fitted over the wheel well of the boondock. This of course will look different on a regular T@G.

Also from this photo you can see how you can have a deluxe awning by simply zipping off the front panel. Whenever you want a room again, simply zip in the front panel. By loosening the horizontal poles you release some of the tension and zip on the front panel. Take a look at the step. The skirt is custom fitted around the step to allow you to use your step like normal. 

     We think you will be very pleased how beautifully the tent fits onto your trailer!

Also since this photo, we moved the line where the bungees are, so they are now closer to the ground. This will improve the looks and the performance of the awning.                           

Another question most of you will have is how small does it pack down to? Here you can see the 2 carry cases. One is thin long for the poles and the other one has the canvas pieces inside. Not heavy at all and stuffable. The one with the poles is thin and will slide into a narrow space. 

So here is the link T@G Allpro Side Room. We are running a special price on the first 20 tents.  After this the price will be the normal retail price you see before the discount. We expect the first 20 customers to bring us the feedback we need to improve the tents here and there and give us reviews on the tent that will benefit the rest of the T@G community. We do not have many in stock but will ship them out as fast as we can. Give us 4 weeks to fullfill your order if we run out of stock.If you have questions on assembly simply click on the link above and in the description of the product you can read detailed assembly instructions. 

We are very excited to be able to serve all T@G lovers and look forward to hearing your happy responses and how you utilize this tent. As always we hope to enhance your traveling experience. I look forward to serving you!




  • D.W. Lyons

    OK, sign me up. Where do I buy one. I will give you ample feedback, constructive critiques, and do what I can to give you a complete yet fair appraisal.

  • keith wilbur
    I brought a walker a year ago for my outback 320 S the extra room is so nice for longer stays love the price point for the T@G side room looks much the same as my walker but for 500.00 less.

  • Mark Konno

    I have been waiting for a side tent that can offer some privacy as a clothes changing room. I was hoping for something that covered the doorway but not the side window. Maybe that is too small for a changing room but the one shown here is much bigger then I would like.

  • Greg Bowen

    The fit around wheel-well looks nice and accommodating the step, both should be good for insect control. It appears from photos that the side table on Boondock can be used from inside room. I noticed that the Boondock awning was moved to left/driver/port side of roof rack, and am guessing they only install on right side (not reversible)? Is there is sufficient clearance to operate clamshell? Rear exit might have been nice (for straight path to galley). However, if eating in the room (in foul weather), you could pass food through an unzipped window. :)

  • Joseph Kruger

    Looks like a great product. Can you tell me more about how the Velcro attaches to the trailer?

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