TAG Storage Tubs Are Here!!!

TAG Storage Tubs Are Here!!!

Exciting TAG Accessory Announcement! 

Allpro Adventures is thrilled to present to the TAG community the brand new design of the Storage Tubs for the TAG Teardrop. With a design to perfectly match your existing center tub, you will be delighted to see how it enhances the look with these two shining new tubs added beside it. With the exact same heights, it even forms a shelf that you will be able to utilize, to carry items on top. 

We have heard from our TAB family that the locking features on these tubs are a huge benefit and we are sure that is something our TAG people will love about these new Storage Tubs as well. 

The chrome-plated aluminum looks sharp and clean and adds a look of elegance and prestige to your cute little camper. The light weight of this product is a gift as well. Only 13 pounds per box! 

As you can see... the lids stay open very nicely. The contour of this trailer gives the perfect amount of room for the lid to stay open while you are packing your things inside.

These tubs are available as a set or individually if you only need one. They come pre-drilled for quick installation, along with all the bolts and washers and lock nuts needed to secure the tubs to your existing platform. 

Currently there is a limited amount of these in stock that will be shipped out within 24 hours of your order. So if you want to have a new set of Storage Tubs on your trailer by next week, click here and place your order now! 

These are currently only available for the TAG 6-Wide trailers. If you are a TAG 5-Wide trailer owner and would like to see the tubs available for that trailer as well, please email us and let us know. Thank You!

We are so excited to be able to offer this feature for our TAG community. We hope to continue serving you and creating new exciting products for your amazing little trailers. It is incredible how much fits into these little spaces when people start strategizing. If you have any brilliant ideas on how we can help you get even more organized, please feel free to send the idea to us at: elton@allproadventures.com and we will start analyzing how we can make your dream become a reality for you and your camping community. 

Have a wonderful time as you relax and enjoy the beauties that autumn has to offer in our absolutely gorgeous Country. There are so many breathtaking scenes to experience during this time of the year.     


Elton with All Pro Adventures

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