Truck Camper Covers are done!!!

Truck Camper Covers are done!!!

Truck Camper Covers are ready....

We are thrilled to announce that the design and final testing of the Cirrus 820 and 620 truck camper covers is completed and they are now available to all of you who have been asking for them. Made with the same high-quality material as all our other covers. These covers will be sure to surpass your expectation of a camper cover. Super heavy-duty, breathable material to keep away any condensation or mold issues.  An amazing design to fit like a glove, with a zipper to allow the neck part to open up for easier installation. Plus a zipper to allow entrance into your camper even when covered. As always, we here at Allpro Adventures desire that upon receiving this cover you will never regret your purchase. We are excited to serve you with one of these covers.

The 820 Cirrus Cover as you can see is designed to fit snuggly and custom-made for the 820. With 2 heavy-duty straps with quick connecting buckles going from side to side, plus one going the full length of the trailer lengthwise. This enables you to tighten everything very firmly, keeping the cover from shifting around even when it's windy. 


The Cirrus 620 Camper cover just like the 820 is custom designed to fit perfectly to the 620. Notice how the cover comes all the way down almost to the ground. Along with the strong tie-down straps, this keeps wind from being able to get underneath and also ensures total protection of the stabilizer poles it is standing on. Even when stored inside, this cover keeps your camper from getting dusty and can be a protection against scratches while in storage.  Order yours now to allow us to get it to you before winter sets in. 

When we do something here at Allpro Adventures we try to base our design and decisions on what you as the consumer desire. So we welcome your feedback and ideas of anything else that would enhance your travels and help with preservation of your camper. So feel free to let us know by responding to this post; or send email to: to get your dream into fulfillment. Have a wonderful season!

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