Walker Tents are Back In Stock!

For you who have been waiting...
This post is to announce that we have finally received a new shipment of Walker Side Tents. Many of you asked me to notify you once they arrive. Quite a few of the tents were on pre-order when they arrived and were sent out right away. Thank You so much for those of you who waited so long for your tent. Your gracious and kind attitudes were deeply appreciated. Now we have a limited amount of these in stock again. So if you want to place an order for a walker tent without a long wait, now is the time to order your new Walker Side Tent.
For those of you who don't know what the Walker Tent is... It is a deluxe add-on side room for your Teardrop trailer. We import these from Europe. Here is an email I just received this weekend from Valerie...
Feedback: Our Walker Tent was a Game Changer this summer for our 2 month camping spot in rainy, buggy New Hampshire..  LOL. Superb construction and material quality - zippers, vinyl, canvas... Can’t say enough good about it for long stays. Worth every penny. Also perfect sleeping quarters for our 2 adult children who crashed in on us.
These tents are super high quality and are basically a lifetime investment. All parts of this tent are made of the best quality components. One feature that people really like is how it converts to an awning or a fully enclosed side room. So if you were waiting or are wanting a Walker Side Tent, now is the time to order to receive it within a week of ordering. We do not know when our next shipment will arrive.  We look forward to serving you.
Also a reminder that we now offer the Hercules Tensioner Pole Tightener. This is a tool that is very helpful to properly tighten the horizontal poles to get the nice tight finished look an any awning or tent that you use on your camper. The tool functions very smoothly and works so great to adjust your poles to the proper tension needed for that perfect look!
As always... We enjoy serving you and wish you many happy trips in your camper! 

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