Winter Blessings from AllPro Adventures

Winter Blessings from AllPro Adventures

December Blog....

    Who doesn't enjoy the beauty of the first dazzling white layer of snow?  I have always enjoyed watching the animals prepare for winter. It keeps amazing me how they know during the beautiful fall days to stock up because there is a cold season coming. They don't even have media to tell them. Creation is a beautiful thing to observe. 

   In this Blog I want to give notice to all of you who have not yet received your orders. We are working diligently to get those out as soon as possible. If you ordered an item in November, we are still committed to get your item out this year. Any orders from December 1st on will potentially not be shipped until after the New Year. We do have a few items still in stock but most of the covers and awnings have been on a 3 week lead time most of this year.

   We have a new item that we are currently offering that will be a great Christmas gift. The Leveling Pads are the perfect idea for how to park your trailer to save the tires or to help you level your trailer quickly when the campsite is on a slope. It is always better to sleep in a level trailer. 

   Another great gift idea is the Jolax outdoor Rug. This is a high quality exterior rug that people really like. It fits perfect with an awning or visor and gives a soft feel for your feet. I just put 8 of these in stock and after that will be out again till spring. 

  Or if you know your trailer is coming in 2021 and want bless your loved one with a gift to use for accessories when your trailer arrives, we offer gift cards!!

   To all our valued customers and nature loving friends. Enjoy winter with much relaxing time and many good family moments. Remember to be intentional about enhancing someone's life. It is in this way that your own life will be worth living. People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care.        Sincerely, Elton

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