TAG  Covers - Allpro Adventures
TAG  Covers - Allpro Adventures
TAG  Covers - Allpro Adventures
TAG  Covers - Allpro Adventures
TAG  Covers - Allpro Adventures

AllPro Covers for TAG Campers


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Locally made in Ohio. We use Top Value Fabrics by SunMaster TM 7.5 oz. Solution Dyed 100% Polyester which is the perfect material for outdoor covers. SunMaster Fabrics are specially formulated to withstand harsh elements. 100% Waterproof and Breathable! We did thorough research to choose the very best breathable material to ensure no sweating or mildew happens between your trailer and the cover.  With its excellent colorfastness as well as mold and mildew resistance; this cover is a superb choice for your TAG. Abrasion-resistant and easy to clean. Cover has a zippered door opening so you are able to get inside your TAG without removing the Cover.       Easy to install by starting in the front of the Trailer and pulling the Cover over the top and back. Also comes with adjustable straps which snap together to keep your Cover secure. Covers the front storage bin as well.   Includes a storage bag made of the same material.

We stock these covers for quick shipping time. 

Color: Silver   

Breathable Fabric! 

Weight: 16 lbs.

Notice: This top-quality material does not tear and has the potential of scuffing your window if left in high wind. To avoid this, cover your windows with soft linen. Some people use flat sheets or even pillowcases. We are not responsible for damaged windows. 

All Pro Adventures provides a warranty on this item as specified below.

  • 1 Year Warranty on tearing of fabric
  • 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects

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